"keeping Buyers Better Informed"
"keeping Buyers Better Informed"
Maria Luisa Estate Park
·landscaped parks with picnic grounds
·jogging trails
·the Highland Park & Clubhouse
·the Emerald Lake Valley
·basketball and tennis court facilities
·two children’s playground
·state of the art communications facilities
PHASE 8 - Presents a wide range of properties from flat valley lots to spectacular city view ones. A complete American playground is situated in the midst of the valley. Streets are lined with mature Mahogany trees and its flat terrain allows her residents to bike, walk and enjoy the good life of a peaceful neighborhood. The super prime and prime lots in this area offer her residents some of Cebu's most spectacular views.
PHASE 9 - Extremely popular due to its proximity to the Busay Gate, Phase 9 is one of the best sellers! Phase 9C-1 offers residents unobstructed mountain views and is located near the Highlands Park and Clubhouse. Phase 9C-2 carries the super prime properties of MLP and has spectacular views of the city and is in front of the Highlands Park. Phases 9A & 9B are located in the elevated valleys of the mountain and are positioned between the Emerald Lake Valley and Highlands Park. This area also features a basketball and tennis court and a children's park.
PHASE 10 - The closest area to the original Maria Luisa, this phase is especially popular among those who prefer to use the Banilad gate as their main entrance. Phase 10 has flat valley lots located in the midst of a Mahogany grove. There are also prime city and Mountain View lots. Phase 10 offers her residents the advantage of being close to both the Banilad and Busay gates.
PHASE 11 - The most exclusive phase in Maria Luisa! With lots that offer her residents spectacular mountain and city views, this phase is where the Who's-Who of Cebu are buying. It is complete with its own gate and 24-hour security. Lots sizes start at 700 sq.m and get as large as 1, 515 sq.m. Only a limited number of lots are available in this phase.
Prices of lots range from P7,400.sqm to P11,125/sqm. depending on location and type of terrain. Please call us for details & we can send a quotation.
Financing Scheme:
Reservation: P50,000, Cash Discount: 5%, Bank Financing: Discount: 2.5%
Scheme 1:
30% outright down payment, 70% balance payable in 1 to 5 years with interest or banking financing in a longer term.
Scheme 2:
24% down payment payable in 12 monthly installments with interest, 76% balance payable in 1 to 4 years with interest or bank financing in a longer term.
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188 Sunflorwer Drive........8 Maria Luisa........Aldea del Sol........Amara........Amisa........Azienda Torino........Blue Coast........Boracay Island........Brookfield........Calicoan Island........Casa Rosita........Casili Hills........Cebu White Sands........Citylights Gardens........Collinwood........Coral Bay........Corona del Mar........Costa del Sol........Cresta de Milan........Discovery Bay........Eastland Estate........Fonti di Versailles........Fuente Towers........Grand Cenia........Grand Terrace........Greenville Heights........Hacienda Salinas.......Hilton Towers........Kishanta........La Mirada........La Montana Homes........Lacittadella........Lombardi........Mahogany Place........Maria Luisa Estate Park........Metropolis........Miramonte Homes........Molave Highlands........Monte Verde de Cebu........Monterrazas de Cebu........Newtown Estates........Nichols Park........Pacific Grand Villas........Park Terrace........Prescila Heights........Primavera Hills........Pristina North........Pueblo El Grande........Ramos Tower........Residencia de Vistamar........Riverdale........Royale Cebu........Sta. Lucia Townsquare........Summerville........Villa del Rio Mactan........Vista Pueblo........Vittoria........Woodcrest Residences........
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site development map

site development map

Phase 8 map
The Maria Luisa Estate Park Development is designed to epitomize Cebu Lifestyle at its BEST. The lots were designed to maximize the city, mountain and valley views as well as building potential of every property. Privacy and security are priorities. Ideally located in Banilad, Cebu City, it is the only remaining high-end quality subdivision that can boast of proximity to the heart of the city where home is a mere 5-10 minute drive away from work, school and malls. Once you live in Maria Luisa Estate Park, you wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

·Cebu's residential landmark.
·encompassing 200 hectares of prime Cebu Land.
·set amidst the scenic mountains and valleys of Banilad.
·bordered by the Busay and Talamban hills
·the only remaining high end subdivision closest to the city with two strategic ingress points.
·offers its residents a choice of city and mountain view lots and flat valley lots.
Frequent asked Questions
1.How big is the development?
Maria Luisa Estate Park is a 200-hectare fully developed project. The last phases for sale are broken down to the following:
oPhase 8 - 22 hectares
oPhase 9 - 39 hectares
oPhase 10 - 12 hectares
oPhase11 - 4.6 hectares
2.Where is it located?
Located in Banilad, Cebu City bordered by the Busay and Talamban Hills.
3.Where are the points to the subdivision?
Main access is thru Banilad. The 2nd access is thru Nivel hills, Busay that is just 5 minutes away from JY Square, Lahug.
4.What are the lot sizes?
oPhase 8 - 230-1,383 square meters
oPhase 9 - 342-1,959 square meters
oPhase 10 - 520-1,467 square meters
oPhase 11 - 700-1,515 square meters
5.How much is the investment per square meter?
Maria Luisa Park lots start from as low as Php4,050 per square meter up to Php12,200 per square meter for the super prime lots.
6.How long will it take to reach the new phases?
The development is less than 10 minutes away from Cebu's business district.
oFrom Banilad Gate to Phase 8 - 5 minutes
Phase 9 - 6 minutes
Phase 10 - 4 minutes
Phase 11 - 8 minute
oFrom Busay Gate to Phase 8 - 8 minutes
Phase 9 - immediately upon entering
Phase 10 - 6 minutes
Phase 11 - 9 minutes
7.How far is the project from shopping malls and airport?
oWith the Banilad Access, Banilad Town Center, Country Mall is only a 2 - minute drive away.
oWith the Busay Access, JY Square Mall is only a 5 - minute drive away.
oAirport is 12 kilometers away. Pier is 7 kilometers away
8.What are the existing amenities?
1.Park, Basketball Court and Clubhouse in Phase 2
2.Imported American Playground in Phase 8 (Swings/Slides/Monkey Bar/Seesaw)
3.Emerald Lake Valley (1.6 hectare park) in Phase 6 where you can enjoy beautifully landscaped picnic grounds, bicycle and jogging path, fully stocked fishing grounds.
4.The Highland Park at Maria Luisa is a half-hectare project with the most magnificent view of Cebu. This park has a beautiful and scenic Miles Long Jogging Path, World-Class Children's Play Ground and Picnic Areas. All these are designed by world-renowned landscape architect Ms. Shirley Sanders (her projects include the Mactan Shangri-La, The Palace Garden of the Sheik of Dubai, Intercontinental Hotel of Manila and Bohol Beach Club). This is located at the top of Phase 9, close to the Busay Gate entrance.
5.Basketball and Tennis facilities plus a Playground. These are all located in Phase 9 valley and designed by Cebu’s top Architect Ed Gallego
6.Maria Luisa is big, how can homeowners be assured of their safety and security?
Security is a priority in Maria Luisa Park. Besides the tight security at each entrance gate, we have 5 guard outposts strategically and visibly located all over the subdivision. Security guards at these outposts are tasked to roam around their respective areas every 2 hours. Phases 9 and 11 have their own-gated entrances with guard. All these are provided to ensure the security of homeowners.

1.What about the water system? Is there sufficient water supply?
Maria Luisa Park has abundant water source with 5 deep wells and water tanks, the biggest of which has a capacity to store 51,000 gallons of water. Stand-by generators are provided to pump water during brownouts to ensure continuous supply. It is more than enough to supply all the residents of Ma. Luisa Park. In terms of Payment, homeowners pay P15 per cubic meter of water.
2.What is the highest elevation in the subdivision?
The highest elevation is 230 meters above mean sea level.
3.Are utilities like telephone, cable and electricity already in place?
oElectricity is ready for homeowner's to tap, this is provided for by VECO.
oTelephone and Internet DSL connections provided for by Globelines and PLDT.
oSkycable provides for cable connections.
4.Is there a required minimum value of houses to be built?
Houses to be built should not cost less than 2 Million pesos.
5.What is the maximum building height allowed and what are the easement requirements?
oHouses can be built up to 20 feet from the highest point of property. This is to allow each home to have the best-unobstructed views of the city, Mountains and valleys. Setbacks are 3 meters at the front and easements are 2 meters on the sides and back.
oSome valley lots in Phase 8 & 9 can enjoy height allowances of up to 28 feet high.
Please ask for a copy of the Deed of Registration for detailed information on building regulations.
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